Friday, March 24, 2017

i-spy value quilt

This was a great scrap buster quilt.  

Our grandchildren get a quilt the year they turn 3.  This grandson is getting this i-spy quilt.

There are 2 triangles of each fabric, so he thinks it's a matching game.  And that's what we play when we're together.  I love to hear that he sleeps with it every night.

washed 80 x 96
8 inch blocks from my i-spy stash
120 blocks
quilting is random circles and lines
Warm and Natural batting

3 year old Aaron's favorite thing in life is basketball.  He was thrilled to see all these basketballs on the back.

I experimented with some white pearl cotton.  My bobbin thread was dark gray.  I had to do a little adjusting with the tension, otherwise, it worked great.

 I quilted his name on this gray section before piecing the back together, because I didn't want the pearl cotton stitching to show up on the front side.  After quilting, I cut most of the batting it off on the back side, except where I had quilted his name.  Then, I pieced the back together and sandwiched the quilt together in preparation for quilting.  So, his name actually has 2 thicknesses of batting.

I watched some videos about ruler techniques on youtube with Angela Walters before starting this quilt.   I still have a hard time with anything but a straight ruler since you're constantly changing what direction your hand is putting pressure on.  So most of the circles were drawn on with a disappearing pen. 

crazy mom

Friday, March 3, 2017

ombre gem quilt along- wk 1

I'm so excited for today!!!   It's the first day of the "ombre gem quilt along" by Emily Dennis over at Quilty Love.  I've never done a quilt along, but I hear you learn lots of things, almost like taking a class.  (I should do more of that ;)

You can purchase the pattern from her shop.  Those colors are gorgeous, but I think I'll use my long awaited, well stored (in a dark cool place), Reunion and Hometown by Sweetwater, and make a scrappy version.

Here is Emily's scrappy version.  She's on instagram and is using this hashtag for the quilt-along  #ombregemsquiltalong.  It will be fun to see what fabrics everyone else is using.

I'm normally not into deadlines and "keeping up", but who can resist these cool coloring pages you get???  It may or may have not been a deciding point.

But I will admit that I HAVE been looking for an excuse to purchase one of these Stripology Rulers.  I am now a proud owner!!  I'll let you know if it helps with the whole "elbow" issue I can't get rid of in my strips.

Here are the fabrics I've decided to go with, a mix of Reunion and Hometown, quite a few years old, but they never disappoint.

I officially washed this quilt last night, so that counts as a "done", right?  As in I can start a new quilt?

I'm excited to share this I-spy finish with you as soon as I take some more pictures.

finish it friday
whoop whoop

Friday, January 13, 2017

Brooklyn's value quilt

Gray and yellow value quilt

stack and sew

straight line quilting

stats in progress:
4 inch squares
batting is white and natural
finished size: 38 x 41 inches
white is Kona pfd

Love the llamas, had to put them on the back.

Washed, delivered, loved.

crazy mom quilts

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas sewing

I started my Christmas sewing a little late this year . . . like 3 days ago.
First off were these cute stockings.  This buffalo check is pretty popular right now.  The moose fabric is from Joann's.

I used this tutorial that has some nice pictures showing you how to line and put the cuff on your stocking.

The next project was PJ bottoms for the grandkids.

We have 9 grandkids ranging from newborn to 5T.

I really liked this idea for making pj bottoms.  It was super easy.
I made the first pair to test my pattern idea and to make sure that I liked the finished fit, which I did.  Make sure to cut the crotch area with plenty of room.   And to add a good 2 inches to the top for the elastic casing.  Take note that the cutting line for the top is perpendicular to the long side of the pant leg on the right.

After that, I mass produced and was able to finish the other 8 in about 3 hours.

There are literally 3 seams.

I measured each child's waist and length with a piece of yarn . . . they didn't even know what I was doing (so as to keep it all a secret)
I took my singer featherweight along with me while traveling these past few weeks, but I forgot the cord.  I was thrilled when the owner of the local shop had a spare that I could borrow!!!

I didn't finished the edges very well (zigzag), but I did reinforce the crotch.

I would definitely use this method again.  Be sure to take a pair of pants that fits them well currently, and add a good inch all the way around (like the picture with the jeans), for a seam allowance and a little room to grow.

This is Spencer's first time to hold his little 10 day old sister.

It lasted long enough for a quick handful of fuzzy pictures :)

Merry Christmas!!  


Monday, November 21, 2016

Laura's Lawn Quilt

Wordless Monday
(ok, just lazy).  

A new favorite . . .  giant flying geese

Combine 3 contrasting designs

 Minimize bulk on flying geese

 Read more about this design here.

Fabric is Simply Style by V & Co

Thursday, October 13, 2016

reusable grocery bags

Have you seen the craze for reusable grocery bags on pinterest and IG?  They're definitely the way to go if you don't like the plastic stacking up.  

After some research, I found that I liked this pattern made by "michellepattern" the best:

Michelle's Patterns PDF Grocery Bag Pattern

Michelle's pattern has 3 different options.  The finished sizes are:

small - 12" x 10" x 4"
medium- 13" x 12" x 5"
large- 14" x 14" x 6"

The medium is the size of a grocery store bag, but I prefer mostly large for the grocery store, and a few medium for heavier items.

(both medium)

 The bottom of the bag is sewn in such a way that it opens up. (large)

The great part of this project, is that you can use all those cute fabrics that you bought a long time ago but never put into a quilt because the design in the print was too big.

I've been trying to think of other uses for such a cute bag.  You should definitely keep one in your car!

And you should make them for your kids and grandkids for halloween bags, matching their costume, of course.

Or for a ballet bag.  

Or put them in a basket by your back door so you don't forget them.

What else do you use bags for?  I feel like I'm becoming a bag lady!